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Ms Sunita Danuwar became a sex-slave by force at the age of only 14. Now she is a counselor, planner, strategist and a leader. How did she manage? Her compassionate heart allowed her to survive and transform herself, so she can be a beacon to successive generations in her country and, indeed, the world. People can lose hope easily, even when they have choices in life. In 1995 Sunita, however, had no choice but to accept the order of Mumbai brothel owners to please more than 20 men a day. Twice she had been treated like a slave and sold into prostitution. In 1996 national and international pressure against sex slavery was mounting and this did not escape the Indian police forces. An accidental police raid was conducted on the brothel where Ms Sunita worked and she was rescued. Thus, Ms Sunita became herself involved in the active fight against human trafficking, founding Shakti Samuha, which, actually means the "Power Group".

“As a survivor of trafficking, I know how evil and damaging the practice is, and what consequences it has not just for those trafficked but whole communities." - Sunita


Ms. Sunita Danuwar, a leading social activist, was a victim of human trafficking. As such, she is a shining example of a massive transformation, one which led her to be a counsellor and advocate for girls suffering the same fate.

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The gallery has been categorised into image and audio-video. The galley outlines overall movement of Sunita and her organization, Shakti Samuha against women trafficking, awareness generation, rehabilitation of victims and many more activities.

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Shakti Samuha

Shakti Samuha is the first organization in Nepal or could be in world too to be established and run by survivors of trafficking. It was established in 1996 and her other friends who were rescued from sex-slavery in Mumbai, India.

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